All The Benefits You Can Reap From A Self Watering Plant System

With more and more people converting to urban gardening, gardening in pots has become quite popular. This is where a self watering plant system can really come in handy as you can easily control and see what is going on with your plants without having to worry about drowning them. A self watering plant system makes planting and gardening a whole lot easier, plus there are so many benefits you might not have known about. Below we will be covering all the benefits you can reap by using this type of system.


Retains the nutrients

In a traditional pot, the nutrients in the soil slowly drain out with the water from the bottom. Anyone who gardens knows that you always have to keep adding organic matter to keep nutrients in the soil. This doesn’t happen with self watering plants because they water from the bottom up. All the water doesn’t drain the nutrients out of the soil like a normal pot leaving you with healthy, flourishing plants.

Helps save you water

Conserving water is something that most people are trying to do these days. Traditional pot plants use a lot of water which is usually a lot, it might not seem like it at first but the numbers do add up. A self watering plant system only needs a small amount of water that it recycles over and over again, which is nothing compared to how much water goes into a traditional pot plant.


Saves you time

A vacation or long work hours are a problem when it comes to gardening. This paired with our ability to forget is a disaster for plants as we often forget to water them. Some plants need water a few times in a day when some others might not. A self watering system really has you covered since it’s almost as if the plants water themselves. The water reservoir is at the bottoms and the roots suck up water as they need it. Your only job is putting some water in the reservoir when it starts to get low.

Encourages healthier plants

Most gardeners know that without good, healthy roots their plants will just not bloom like they are supposed to. A self watering container avoids roots problems which you may get with traditional pot planters. Pot planters can sometimes get water logged or cramp the roots which can lead to a whole range of problems. With these kinds of planters, you simply won’t have that issue, the roots have plenty of room and it’s impossible for you to drown the plant with the way that the watering system has been designed. Good roots always mean that your plants will have the best chance at producing great blooms, fruit, veg, or herbs.