A Museum and an Armchair: Reasons to Link Them Together


France’s Museum for Decorative Arts or “Musée des Arts Décoratifs“ is the kingdom for every designer on the planet. It’s one of those museums that proudly boasts that there isn’t a single material, technique or object that cannot be found in their enormous castle-like chambers. And really, their collection is mind-blowing! It includes hundreds and thousands of items, from dolls, doll houses, all kinds of furniture to scenic wallpapers, many different glass, wood, metal, plastic or enamel objects etc. Its textile collection is also gigantic, versatile and really impressive. You can see almost any textile material that can be found out there crafted into a nice looking dress or a glamorous coat that will suit any Parisian lady.

This museum is located in Louvre’s west wing where it was built over a century ago. After a decade of restoration which costed 35 million euros, it was reopened again in 2006. Okay, now we know this museum is not a joke, right? No one in their right mind would invest 35 million euros for any museum and if they did it, it means that this century old venue has a lot to offer. During the restoration a lot of private collectors all over the world reached out to the museum and donated more than 6,000 items including rare clothing, furniture, dolls and all kinds of decorative objects. From the total 150,000 items that the museum holds, almost a half of them are furniture and tableware. From delicate porcelain and crystal objects to extravagant carpets and armchairs, there is just so much to admire. Getting lost in this unusual museum is very easy and not because they don’t have signs or maps, but because you will be enchanted by the beauty and the impressiveness of the objects and you would like to see more and more.


During my birthday trip to Paris I accidentally found out about the Museum for Decorative Arts and I knew I had to buy an entry ticket ASAP. I literally spent the whole day there…for real. I saw all the Japanese, Korean and German tourist groups and pretended like I am one of them even though I didn’t understand a word they were saying. During a walk like that I ended up with a Dutch tourist group in the room of the stunning armchair collection that would later become an inspiration for a redecoration for my home furniture back in Australia. It’s the biggest collection of armchairs in the world with all kinds of contemporary, modern, classic and Renaissance pieces that are hanging on the walls or standing right there in front of you and are waiting for you to sit on them. I stayed there for 4 hours straight and enjoyed the furniture exhibition that later gave me an idea to look for some new furniture for my Sydney apartment.

I was so impatient that I couldn’t wait for five more days to go back to Australia, so I looked for an online store and ordered the cutest armchairs that were waiting for me the day when I got back. I chose two contrast armchairs, an idea I got from a catalog at the Museum that said not all furniture in the house has to match, so I chose a floral design and a dark blue armchair. This new furniture adds to the “all white” décor of my apartment and gives it a whole new, contemporary look.

The trip to Paris changed my views on the world a lot, but the visit to the Museum for Decorative Arts made me think about my home environment and how important it is. Our homes are our own little museums, so choose wisely when buying your armchairs, sofas or bedroom beds and make sure you feel the comfort and the love these pieces provide you with.