Beyond Aesthetics: 5 Reasons You Should Get Panel Glide Blinds

With the busy lives we lead, we often forget to give more attention to our rest and relaxation which often results in sleep deprivation. All of the activities, drinks and food we consume affect the quality of sleep. However, there is one aspect mostly overlooked when it comes to ensuring a good night’s sleep: light.

We require darkness to get all the sleep we need since melatonin (the hormone regulating sleep) rises in darkness and exposure to light prevents our minds from dozing off. Although this means you have to keep electricity off as well as your gadgets (iPads, mobile phones, TV), it also means you have to make sure you keep every possible light away from your bedroom. The best way to do so, is of course by adding window blinds.Panel_glide_blinds

Though when one speaks of blinds one immediately thinks of the Venetian type as the oldest model (blinds were actually present long before their introduction in Europe). Originating in Persia, their design fascinated European merchants who brought the invention in Italy and France. Shortly after, blinds began to spread all over the world and have since been in use. Nowadays, we can see many styles and forms of blinds but the ones that are gaining popularity are the panel glide blinds. While they add to the charm of a home, there are more reasons that outweigh the aesthetic aspect. Here are some to name a few.

Maybe one of the firmest reasons as to why these blinds are so trendy is they come in many styles and colours. Since you will come across with a great variety of choices, it is important to do your research well to find a reliable shop with convenient warranty and buy panel glide blinds of quality. They are custom-made, meaning when you order you are sure to get the right fit for the blind requirements of your home. When buying from a proper shop, you will also get an installation manual to guide you through the installation process so you will save time and money.

As there is a wide selection in fabrics, such as Combo Blockout, Concord, Mantra, Le Reve and Clearview, you are sure to meet your panel blind match. The Spirit Vibe Xtra Blockout, for instance, with its dust and mould resistant properties is the perfect option. The design of the blinds is ideal for wide windows and doors and with their maximum size of 480mm in width they can also be used with sliding and bi-fold doors. Their usage makes them perfect not only for blocking out the sun but for providing privacy as well and amplifying your interior décor. If it is more light blockage you need, you have to choose from thicker fabrics and for less blockage look for thin fabrics respectively.

For the more environmentally conscious people great news is panel blinds are eco-friendly. They are easy to clean and maintain, so you will not be in need of extra cleaning products, and their light blocking properties make them reduce heat which can work out in favour of your wallet concerning electricity bills.

Last but not least, panel glide blinds are easily removable so whenever you are thinking of redecorating your interior, with the right blinds you are sure to set a fresh look in your home anytime you decide. So, purchase your panel blinds match and see your home style and sleep improve.