5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Eye Makeup

We use various cosmetic products and makeup daily. But have you ever taken your time to read about the ingredient list and what exactly goes onto your skin? There is still an ongoing debate about whether some ingredients are harmful to our skin and many professionals are questioning their safety.

The safety concerns surrounding the chemicals used in mainstream beauty products were the reason that many companies started investing in natural and skin-friendly alternatives. The chemical composition of the product is critical when it comes to the eyes. It is the most sensitive area of our face, after all. Invest in eye natural makeup to boost your confidence and nourish your skin with gentle and non-toxic ingredients.

Why Switching to Natural Eye Makeup Seems Like a Good Idea

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There are several good reasons why investing in eye natural makeup seems like a good idea. Not only it’s beneficial to your skin, but it’s also good for the planet’s wellbeing.

Suitable for Sensitive Eyes

If there is one area of our face that is the most sensitive, that is the eyes. We must be very careful and mindful of the products we apply around them. One downside of commercial eye makeup is that it can be very irritating to the eyes. This is particularly prominent in people with sensitive skin and people who are prone to allergies.

So, the question is “Does natural makeup make a difference?” Natural makeup for eyes is free of irritating ingredients that you can find in traditional makeup such as talc, dyes, fragrances or fillers. Companies focusing on non-irritating eye shadows and other natural makeup products use earth minerals in their crafting. Earth minerals are much gentler on the skin and can be successfully applied without causing any discomfort. Also, the ingredients used in natural makeup can have a nourishing effect on the skin.

Natural makeup is hypoallergenic and thus, an ideal alternative for hyper-sensitive skin.

So, by investing in these skin-friendly products, not only do they serve to beautify yourself, but they also have soothing properties to the skin around the eyes. From mascaras, brow powders and eye shadows, to eyeliners, eyelid primers, lash serums and extensions, the natural ingredients used in eye makeup protect your eyes and boost your confidence.

Quality and Long-lasting

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When hearing the word “natural”, most women are concerned about the performance level of the makeup. They wonder if natural eye shadow can have the same effects as a traditional eye makeup product. There are a lot of misconceptions about natural makeup for eyes. Many believe that “natural” doesn’t have the same performance level as a commercial product.

Natural eye makeup is rich in natural pigments that are long-lasting and vibrant. These pigments provide a wide range of colours and textures, ensuring a long-lasting colour and vibrancy. You can wear them throughout the day without fearing that the makeup will wear off.

Plus, the earth minerals and pigments used in these beautifying products do not dry out after extended wear. Due to their smooth and soft composition, there is no risk of the “cakey” look around your eyes.

Multi-Purpose Makeup

Did you know that you can use natural eye shadows in more than just one way? Because they come in various colours and textures, you can also use them to tint your lips and give them a natural vibrancy. Rosy nude colour works great for achieving a natural look to your lips and defining them without looking like you’ve put much effort into it.

Natural eye makeup in rosy nude or soft red can also be used as a blush to your cheeks to achieve a healthy and glowy appearance. Darker shades of eyeshadow serve great as an eyeliner or for defining your eyebrows.

You can create various looks by using eye shadows in different colours and with different textures. From soft, minimalist and effortless looks to dramatic and bold appearance, be confident to use them in any other way you want.

Toxin Free

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It’s not a secret that many traditional makeup products use irritating chemicals such as petroleum-based preservatives, phthalates and artificial fragrances. These ingredients have adverse effects on the skin over prolonged use.

Natural eye makeup products, on the other hand, are formulated with safe ingredients. These are typically earth minerals and pigments found naturally existing in the environment. The most common ingredients used in natural eyeshadows are mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides. As such, these ingredients are very soothing to the skin and do not cause any allergic reactions.

They are safe to use for extended periods due to their gentle composition and the phyto-botanicals that make up the vast part of the natural makeup support healthy skin function.

Environmental Friendly

Companies that focus on producing natural makeup prioritise sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, many brands practise ethical production which means their products are not tested on animals. Although not every natural makeup product automatically means vegan and cruelty-free, however, there are many vegan available options for those who are concerned about animals’ safety.

Another factor that contributes to preserving the environment is the significant reduction in pollution, waste and carbon footprint. The production of natural makeup does not result in producing toxins that are harmful to the flora and fauna as is the case with the mass production of commercial cosmetics.