3 Reasons Fireproof Movie Will Help You Realize Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For

Fireproof is a popular Christian-inspired drama released in 2008. The story of the movie is based on the book “The Love Dare”, written by the director of Fireproof, Alex Kendrick and his brother Stephen Kendrick.

Fireproof depicts the story of two young people Caleb (Krik Cameron) and Catherine (Erin Bethea) who, after being married for seven years, are going through a crisis and even start questioning the meaning of their marriage. They come to the point of not being able to save their marriage and it is only a matter of time when everything will fall apart.


As the couple is preparing to dissolve the troubled marriage officially, Caleb’s father John (Harris Malcolm) challenges his son to take the forty day challenge that he calls The Love Dare. He gives his son the book Love Dare which is consisted of forty challenges enriched with citations by the Bible. The aim of the book is to teach about what really love is about. By learning the main principles of love from the book, the forty challenges encourage Caleb to take actions which help him and his wife to find true intimacy and to take their marriage and relationship to a higher level of closeness.

Fireproof is drama worth watching. It is an inspirational story that will make you think about the real value of your marriage and will teach you what love really is about and why your marriage is worth fighting for.

  1. Fireproof Will Teach You To Work Hard For Your Marriage

    Fireproof teaches you that love takes work. A lot of work. But in the world we live today, this is often overlooked. Most married couples have this idea that an ideal marriage is the one where you don’t have to say “sorry”.

    Sometimes, in arguments over finances, housework, career or outside interests, we forget about the real value of love and marriage. We do that in favour of such unimportant things. Instead, we should work hard in order to overcome such misunderstanding which could lead to more serious problems.

  2. Fireproof Points Out That Divorce Is Not The Ultimate Solution Of The Problems

    Even though at some point you may think there is no way to solve your marriage problems which are suffocating you, hold on, take a deep breath and do not take hurried decisions. This is maybe one of the strongest messages in Fireproof. In the movie Caleb’s dad tells him to slow down and rethink the divorce decision.

  3. Fireproof Shows What Biblical Love Looks Like

    The movie was inspired by the book “The Love Dare”, which was inspired by the Bible. Biblical citations in the book such as: “No matter how annoyed you get with your wife, don’t say anything negative to her.” and “Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger” (James 1:19), encouraged Caleb to work on his marriage. He decided not to say anything that would bother his wife and to do some small but important things that will make her happy. Fireproof proves that by following love principles of the Bible, you can not only improve your marriage, but can also discover its profound meaning and value.