10 reasons to become a fan of wine

wineIn late summer, vintners are most active since grapes are heavy on the vines and ready to be processed. This is ideal time to take the usual route to wine cellars where grapes are fermented slowly and become the most wonderful and aromatic elixir. Wine is a drink without which even the finest table looks empty; a drink which is connate with various traditions and cultures all around the world. Wine, if not consumed beyond the ‘healthy dose’, has for so long been the symbol of pleasure and joy. Nowadays, we gather with our friends for a cup of wine as often as we do for a coffee. Let’s show you the 10 most important reasons why drinking wine moderately is good.

1. Red wine restricts the development of atherosclerosis

It has been found that an effective deterrent against atherosclerosis are mainly tannins, known as procyanidins.

2. Wine reduces the risk of heart attack by 40% and the risk of cerebral thrombosis by 25%

Experts suggest that wine consumption has a beneficial effect due to resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 40%.

3. Wine significantly increases life expectancy.

People who drink a glass of wine every day will live 3.8 years more than those who do not drink.

4. Wine reduces memory problems and prevent Alzheimer’s disease in a proportion of 80%.

Specialists from the Polytechnic Institute “Rensselaer” in U.S., found that resveratrol has the ability to neutralize the toxic effects of the proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Moderate consumption of red wine reduces the risk of lung cancer by 60%

The results were published in a report of the American Association for Cancer Research.

6. Wine has a protective effect in women with ovarian cancer

Women can reduce their risk of ovarian cancer by eating plant foods and beverages containing flavonoid apigenin which has antioxidant properties and protects cells from damage. This substance is found mostly in celery, parsley, tomato sauce and red wine.

7. Wine reduces cholesterol and is one of the best defenders against heart attack and stroke

Moderate wine consumption has a positive effect on cholesterol – increases the defending blood vessels by 10 to 15%;

8. Wine purifies blood and is a great prophylaxis against diabetes and anemia

9. Increases physical endurance, stimulates metabolism and helps in weight loss

Both white and red wine are useful for various aspects of a healthy diet. White wine is traditionally present in many weigh loss treatments and procedures. Back in the 20s of the 19th century, the doctor Johann Schrott developed Schrott therapy. The basics of intensive treatment for slimming and body cleansing effect is a dietary eating plan that excludes salt, protein and fat, and rotation “liquid” (dry white wine and water) and ‘dry’ days.

10. Slows the aging

Wine prevents “old” diseases and weakening of brain function and has miraculous effect on the appearance because it contains melatonin. Reduces wrinkles and smooths the skin.

Research in recent years shows that wine increases fertility. Thus, women who regularly consume wine get pregnant more quickly. As you can see the reasons for consuming wine are many. So, when going to a party or are simply visiting friends buy this traditional perfect gift – buy red wine online or white, depending on the season.