Generating around $200 billions per year, which is around 15% of Australia’s GDP, the trucking and logistic industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Australia. Since the number of trucking companies and operators who look for trucks for sale is constantly growing from year to year, it safe to say that the trucking industry is the backbone of the Australian economy. This sector affects many other industries, from production to construction, because various goods and materials need to be transported form one place to another on a daily basis.

Since it has the power to influence other industry sectors, the “condition” of the trucking and logistic industry is often seen as a barometer for the strength of the Australian economy. Motivated and encouraged by the good salary and job stability, the number of truck operators who decide to be a part of the trucking industry continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. Unlike before, today the trucking companies offer various transport services to its customers. It is estimated that around 600 000 people (mechanics, drivers or operators) are involved in the trucking sector.

Despite the recent financial crisis which affected almost every country in the world, the trucking and logistic sector continue to show positive results. As a result of the current changes, in terms of population growth, road infrastructure development, and new demographic trends, the experts predict that the number of freight tasks in Australia will be doubled by 2020, and even tripled by the end of 2050. This is certainly a optimistic prediction that the Australian trucking and logistic industry is on the right course.

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