Australian Wine Industry Statistics and Trends

The Australian wine industry has been internationally acknowledged as an industry of quality, reputation and authority. The fascinating premium and semi-premium Australian wines are served in world’s leading restaurants and are sold in wine shops in 91 countries across the globe. No wonder Australia is considered world’s 5th largest producer of finest quality wine, both red and white.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the total domestic sales of wine (both domestic and imported) have slightly increased in 2014, reaching 539.3 ML. On the contrary, the sale of Australian-made wine on the domestic market, has decreased by 1% to 457.5 ML. Statistics reports have also shown that the Australian-made wine accounted for 84.8% of total sales, while the sale of imported wine in Australia accounted for 15.2% .

When it comes to imports, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has also reported that wine imports in Australia have decreased by 3.1%. The percentage of imported wine today equals is 15.2%, where sparkling wine accounts for 14.5% of all imports. 25% of all sparkling wine selection consumed in our country is imported.

To increase domestic wine sales, Australian wine is now being sold in glass containers of less than 2L. According to experts this trend should boost the Australian wine industry which means increased percentage of wine sales. Another important factor that is believed to help boost the wine industry is tourism. Domestic and international tourism are closely related to our wine industry, contributing to Australia’s export earnings, taxation income and employment.
If you are in the wine business, being informed is the key to success. For the latest trends, statistics, wine selection and offers, read our blog.

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