Reasons Why Every Warehouse Needs Hand Trolleys

Posted by Tim White

Operating a large warehouse is complicated, but there’s a variety of material handling equipment that can make the job easier. While there is a lot of state-of-the-art, motorised equipment that may instantly grab your attention, in your quest of establishing an efficient material handling system, you shouldn’t overlook the basics. A set of reliable hand trolleys can be just as important as any robotic piece of equipment. And here are the reasons why.


Highly Practical

While motorised lifting and carrying equipment is beneficial when working with large and heavy loads, standard-sized items are best handled with hand trolleys. Just think about it, loading and securing items on motorised equipment takes time, and as such it’s not an efficient option when transporting regular-sized items over short distances. On the other hand, using hand trolleys is an easier and much faster solution in this case. In fact, they can also be used for transporting heavier loads as well. When it comes to picking an industrial trolley hand operated models come in a variety of load capacities from 250 kg to 700 kg, being a practical solution for handling a variety of items.

Reliable and Built to Last

Purchasing motorised moving equipment is always a gamble since it can easily break down or become outdated. While motorised and electronic equipment comes with many moving parts that can develop a fault, hand trolleys have a simple and sturdy design. The standard trolley hand model consists of aluminium or stainless steel frames and platforms and robust heavy-duty wheels. As such, many hand trolleys can go on for years without needing a single repair. And even when a trolley needs to be repaired, it’s something relatively small, like fastening a bolt or changing a wheel. With that being said, by purchasing hand trolleys, you are investing in something that will serve you for years to come.

Easy to Store

In a warehouse, floor space is always considered an advantage as it allows greater freedom of movement. As opposed to large, motorised transporting equipment which takes up a significant amount of floor space, hand trolleys have a sleek, compact design. In fact, many hand trolleys are also folding, and as such can be easily stacked up when not in use. As a result, you can never have too many trolleys in a warehouse.


Even on a tight budget, you can always afford to invest in hand trolleys. A hand trolley costs only a fraction of most high-tech moving equipment. In addition, it also doesn’t need regular servicing and upgrading. So, on top of being super affordable, it also is durable, allowing you to really get your money’s worth.

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